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Collab Phonecase Series

Caselism x Joel Odesser

Joel Odesser Snapshots

caselism joel odesser
caselism joel odesser
caselism joel odesser

Joel Odesser

Joel Odesser is a French visual artist and photographer currently based in Hong Kong. His passion was rooted in early childhood, having grown up in a family of photographers. His grandfather, Henri Odesser, established his studio in the region of Annecy, France.

As he settled over time in Europe, North America, South America and Asia, his photographic eye and expression were shaped along the way by witnessing first-hand a wide range of cultures, lifestyles, habits and social contrasts.

He believes that Photography is a useful tool to document human diversity. It has the power to record how people of different background, culture, religion, ethnicity, age and gender compose our most cosmopolitan cities across the globe and make them truly vibrant. In return, cities shape our experiences, identities and interactions. Naturally, urban life became his primary artistic subject focus.

He chooses to emphasize social contrasts, the abstract beauty lying in nature embedded within cities, as well as saturated and textured urban environments. Collage techniques of overlapping photographs help him express these subtle relationships.

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