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JIUTAOJIUTAO x Caselism Collab Phonecase Series


The Intersection of Art and Phone Protection

The Caselism ColorLite Case

Connecting unique artworks, Caselism opens up the door to the design world for you to explore different styles of design that fits your personal taste through our protective cases.

Caselism phonecase

Unique Design

Caselism works with Artists and Illustrators around the world to deliver the most creative designs to scale up your phone.

Caselism phonecase

All Around Protection

Advanced shock absorption material to ensure your phone under protected against daily accidental situations.

Caselism phonecase

Light Weight and Slim

Nobody wants a bulky phone. Our ColorLite case designed with the perfect balance of thickness and protection.

Caselism phonecase

MagSafe Compatible

Wireless Charging? Accessories? Everything is compatible even with our ColorLite Case to ensure your full experience.

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JIUTAOJIUTAO is known for its series of art toys and illustrative creations, serving as mediums for
expressing the imagination amidst vast everyday life. The whimsical characters, Monkey Elves, possess ethereal faces and versatile postures, embodying various expressions of joy, sorrow, plumpness, or slenderness—all portraying their best selves.
Vonnie SHIH, originating from Taiwan, established an indie art toy studio where she specializes in graphic and three-dimensional figure design and production. Adopting a delicate and ethereal style, Vonnie interprets emotions and daily life's imagination through her artworks.

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