Caselism Collab Phone Case Series

Caselism x Buokiland

The Intersaction of Art and Protection

Connecting unique artworks, Caselism opens up the door to the design world for you to explore different styles of design that fits your personal taste through our protective cases.

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Established in 2019 by Anjou Cheung, a visionary multimedia designer, and Yang Fan, a celebrated movie director, Buokiland emerges as a standout player in the dynamic realm of trendy toys.

Drawing inspiration from the symbol of limitless ideas—the light bulb— the flagship creation, the Shining Cat, embarks on a cosmic journey, exploring the universe in pursuit of power and illumination. At its core, Buokiland is dedicated to rejuvenating restless souls, providing a source of replenishment and reigniting the spark within to shine brightly once more.