AWOB004 - ColorLite Case for iPhone

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Caselism's COLORLITE Case with MagSafe is your most stylish choice for your new iPhone.

Made with Ultra Shock Absorption material, Our COLORLITE case protects your phone all around without adding too much weight. Advanced TPU material allows the case to stay clear without yellowing as time goes by.

  • 10 Feet Drop Test Approved
  • Camera Lens Protection Lids
  • Super Light Weight
  • Resistant to Yellowing and Aging
  • MagSafe Compatible

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hello everyone, my name is Reikia and i'm the artist behind these food illustrations! I really enjoy drawing food as it allows me to learn how the foods are created. Each food is unique and it is always an eye opening experience to draw it. I hope you like these illustrations and you may wish to explore more on instagram@awobunz. Do drop me a message if you wish to see a drawing of your favourite food! Treat yourself to your favourite food today!