CMPO002 - ColorLite Case for iPhone

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Designed by Kunihiko Nohara

Caselism's COLORLITE Case with MagSafe is your most stylish choice for your new iPhone.

Made with Ultra Shock Absorption material, Our COLORLITE case protects your phone all around without adding too much weight. Advanced TPU material allows the case to stay clear without yellowing as time goes by.

  • 10 Feet Drop Test Approved
  • Camera Lens Protection Lids
  • Super Light Weight
  • Resistant to Yellowing and Aging
  • MagSafe Compatible
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Kunihiko Nohara

In moments when I feel like I’m in a place independent of my surroundings,
I sometimes feel like I’m in a different time and space.
The feeling is like clouds or smoke that change shape with no regard for time
that people have to live by, and it also feels like a space of my own.
To turn, various scenes that came up in my imagination from things I encountered.
To express freedom, time and desires that are on the verge of being discarded from memory.
That is what is important, in order for me to be me and for a person to be them self.


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Takaoki Tajima

His sense of color and spatial composition has been an enormous supporting structure to his wooden sculptures. And it could also be seen in is his two-dimensional works.

The characters portrayed in backgrounds illustrate their mysterious expressions and movements through very simple, yet bold composition which highlights the relationship between the colors next to each other.

His popularity is growing nonstop and does not know where to take a break. And it expands not only in Japan but also abroad, as he held a solo exhibition in New York in 2020. In 2022, his rocknroll spirit as an artist who has been continuing to produce against the world's trends, had sparked, and he introduced his first series of lithographs, "LIFE," which comically tells about half of his life.

"The Tajima Revolution" is finally tiing the knot as one of his era. His highly sophisticated sense of expressing cynical subjects in a comical manner has been recieving highly commented retutations.

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Takane No Nadeshiko

Takane no Nadeshiko(高嶺のなでしこ) is a ten-member idol group formed through the JDOL AUDITION program (supported by the people who run the TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL project). In July 2022, seven members were chosen out of thirty-six finalists; them being Kizuki Nao, Suzumi Su, Hazuki Saara, Haruno Riri, Higashiyama Erisa, Hinahata Hina and Hoshitani Mikuru. Additionally, three idols from the now-discontinued LAST IDOL project (Hashimoto Momoko, Matsumoto Momona and Momiyama Himeri) later joined the initial seven to create Takaneko’s final lineup.

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