Ultra HD Screen Protector

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Crystal Clear Surface
Our HD Screen Protector features a crystal clear and ultra smooth surface which retains the brilliant display capability.
Strongest Protection
Rated top in hardness, the screen protector protects your phone from all possible tough situation.
Slim and Precise
The 0.3mm protector fits precisely onto your screen and is hardly noticed by bare eye.
Screen Protector Model
Screen Protector Model

One Take Installation

One Take InstallationOur Signature Applicator helps you install the screen protector precisely in one take.

Edge to Edge Fitment

Our Screen Protector precisely fit your screen from edge to edge. The 0.33mm thickenss makes the protector unnoticiable from bare eyes.

Strong Tempered Glass

Rated at above 9H hardness, the protector is ready to endure any tough enviroment.