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Papery Ion Sleeve - SiuKins Mind under Matters

$30.00 USD

Product Description:



The ionSleeve is made with PAPERY’s proprietary ionTEX – an eco-friendly washable kraft paper laminated with RPET fabric (made from recycled plastic bottles) infused with SILVADUR™ 930 Flex silver ion that kills 99.9% viruses and bacteria.  All these materials have met international certification standards in antibacterial, environmental protection, and safety (EPA, BPD, OEKO-TEX, Blue sign, and JIS etc).

Where style meets functionality, PAPERY’s ionSleeve is multi-function accessory that keeps your personal belongings stylishly organized and virus free!

  • Proprietary antimicrobial ionTEX lining (RPET x SILVADUR™️ 930 Flex) 
  • Made with Washable Kraft Paper (Eco leather)
  • Durable & lightweight
  • Water resistant
  • 3 compartments. Fit phone (Fit for different phone models as large as the iPhone Pro Max), notes, cards, and coins easily
  • Adjustable strap allows for a hand-carried, crossbody, or around-the-neck wear.
  • Minimalistic unisex design


W9.5 x L16.5 x THK2 (cm)

Rope: 52~60cm

T&C :

- Washable kraft paper is a type of vegan leather that looks like animal leather but is more eco-friendly and lightweight. Washable kraft paper also contains unique natural patterns and wrinkles. It softens, crinkles, stretches and mellows with use - all of which are leather-like properties.

- Photos may differ from the actual item due to differences in lighting/angles during photography, and are for reference only.

- Washable kraft paper is extensible. All product sizes are manually measured and are for reference only.

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Papery Art

With a focus on paper and everyday objects, PAPERY fuses contemporary design aesthetics with over half a century of experience to deliver a new form of Paper Art that embodies simplicity, sustainability, and practicality while enshrining the essence of modern-day beautiful living. PAPERY is committed to blurring the boundaries between product and art by designing objects that are fun, good-looking, eco-friendly yet functional. Take daily experience to the next level with fashionable, minimalist and sustainable style.

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