Caselism 聯乘手機保護殼

Caselism x Aeloure


CASELISM 為你打開藝術世界的大門, 讓你通過獨特的藝術品探索符合你個人品味的獨特電話保護殼. 

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Aeloure (Jav)

Hi everyone I would like to introduce you to this newest collaboration with Caselism! I'm Jav, the creator of aeloure. Stationery and art has always been something I've really loved, and I m so pleased that I get to create something that others can enjoy. You can shop the collection and adopt Ollie, Timmy and friends today either from or see even more stationery items over at @aeloure on Instagram! Make sure to pop by and say hi! :)