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Collab Phonecase Series

Caselism x SiuKins

SiuKins Snapshots

Caselism SiuKins Phonecase
Caselism SiuKins Phonecase
Caselism SiuKins Phonecase
Caselism SiuKins Profil


A Hong Kong-based contemporary artist who is fascinated by the moments when people are lost in thought. Through his own experiences, he examines the relationship between people and thinking. His works refelct a deep influence of Japanese animation and design aesthetics, and he dedication to "thinking" has led him to develop an unique style in his creations.

The main keyword throughout SiuKin's work is "overthinking", and he likes to use "turquoise thought bubbles" to represent different ideas in his mind and bring the invisible to the audience. His contemplative characters often convey a sense of loneliness and alienation, which, combined with his signature bubbles, creating a world of thinking that is unique to his own.

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