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Collab Phonecase Series

Caselism x Buokiland

Buokiland Snapshots

Caselism BOUKILAND phonecase
Caselism BOUKILAND phonecase
Caselism BOUKILAND phonecase
Caselism boukiland Profit


Established in 2019 by Anjou Cheung, a visionary multimedia designer, and Yang Fan, a celebrated movie director, Buokiland emerges as a standout player in the dynamic realm of trendy toys.

Drawing inspiration from the symbol of limitless ideas—the light bulb—the flagship creation, the Shining Cat, embarks on a cosmic journey, exploring the universe in pursuit of power and illumination. At its core, Buokiland is dedicated to rejuvenating restless souls, providing a source of replenishment and reigniting the spark within to shine brightly once more.

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