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Product Features | Magnetic Phone Cases

Magnetic phone cases come with MagSafe compatibility, enabling wireless charging and attachment to any MagSafe-compatible magnetic accessories. The special magnetic ring on the back of the magnetic phone case ensures that only MagSafe accessories attach, preventing interference or unwanted attachments from other magnets.

All Caselism phone cases are magnetic, featuring genuine MagSafe functionality. This means users can enjoy both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality. Besides attaching wireless charging cables, these cases can also hold magnetic card holders, portable chargers, and other MagSafe-compatible accessories, offering endless possibilities for Caselism magnetic phone cases!

2024 Best Clear Phone Cases

Looking for a completely clear phone case? Want a clear phone case that stands out? Caselism has curated a variety of clear phone cases suitable for different iPhone models. Each case features a base of transparency with artistically designed touches, giving your clear phone case a unique and special meaning, ensuring it’s anything but ordinary.

Our collection of clear phone cases includes a range of colors such as Sky Blue, Violet, Pure Clear, and Classic Black Frame Clear. Discover the latest styles in clear phone cases at Caselism today!