FRAN004 - ColorLite Case for iPhone

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作品: Make Everyday Matter (2021)

Caselism 的COLORLITE with MagSafe 保護殼是你最時尚選擇。

我們的 COLORLITE 手機殼採用超減震材料製成,可全方位保護您的手機,而不會增加太多重量。先進的 TPU 材料使外殼保持清晰,不會隨著時間的推移而泛黃。

· 10 英尺跌落測試

· 相機鏡頭保護蓋

· 超輕量

· 耐黃變、耐老化

· 兼容MagSafe配件

Francesco Lietti Profile Caselism

#painter #Italy #HongKong

Francesco Lietti

Since 2006, Francesco Lietti has embraced Hong Kong, channeling his love for the city into vibrant works inspired by his symbiotic relationship with travel and discovery themes.

His connection with Hong Kong began in 2005, overwhelmed by its colors, scents, and images, prompting him to return and stay. Lietti's art encapsulates the city's essence through simple, humorous, and almost caricatured forms, employing striking colors to portray the iconic harbor skyline. His paintings oscillate between reality and fantasy, utilizing acrylics, oils, and collage for texture, culminating in a glossy resin finish.

Beyond Hong Kong, Lietti captures the vivid hues of Asian destinations like Vietnam, Bali, Rajasthan, and the Philippines, merging reality with a magical world. Born in Lecco, Italy, Lietti studied architecture in Milan, Paris, and London, with his works gracing private collections globally.

Francesco Lietti's art is a testament to his enduring fascination with the captivating landscapes and cultures he encounters.