HAMO002 - Fear

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Caselism 的COLORLITE with MagSafe 保護殼是你最時尚選擇。

我們的 COLORLITE 手機殼採用超減震材料製成,可全方位保護您的手機,而不會增加太多重量。先進的 TPU 材料使外殼保持清晰,不會隨著時間的推移而泛黃。

  • 10 英尺跌落測試
  • 相機鏡頭保護蓋
  • 超輕量
  • 耐黃變、耐老化
  • 兼容MagSafe配件

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Art that protects your phone

Caselism and HAMOUFLAGE harness the power of ART to protect your most precious asset: your mobile phone. One for every emotion that fits how you are feeling right now. Harness your emotions through these phone cases to keep your digital portals intact.

Hanjin is a multi-award winning singer/producer/actor and the 1st in the world to release a Chinese music NFT. Through his recent work in ArtTech and the blockchain, HAMOUFLAGE was born. MuiMui was created to reflect the the digital meta-concious mindset of the youth today. Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay.

AsviivsA is the Head of Design for HAMOUFLAGE. A couture and high fashion background could not keep the monster at bay: street inspired, disruptive Art and phygital design lies at the heart of HAMOUFLAGE’s design department. This guy don’t play.


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